Goa – the best place to visit in India

About the State – it is a state situated in the west coast of India, it is known for its culture, beaches, churches, forts, nature and nightlife. It has a deep rooted culture, diverse natural beauty, the warm welcoming nature of its residents and the freedom of thoughts. It is mainly famous for its beaches and nightlife, and it has more than 30 beaches in its coasts and with the wide range of water sports, some are exclusive in here. Lovely Goa offers something to all people. It is also famous among the youngsters and the party people for its nightclubs, bars and beach shacks. There are many popular and luxurious pubs and bars in the streets and in every corners of the state and it is opened all night.

Location – it is a smallest state located in Indian peninsula and mainly in the western region, with the coasts stretching along the Arabian Sea. It is situated in between two states and shares its borders with Maharashtra towards the north, Karnataka in the south and the mighty Arabian Sea lies to its west.

Weather – due to its location near the sea, it experiences coastal climate which make it a perfect tourist destination in the country as well as in the world.

Culture – in terms of it culture it has a great influence of the Portuguese and Konkani/Marathi people who have settled in the areas present here. It also has an amazing spirit of welcoming the visitors, their hospitality is well known in all over the world and a very safe place for tourists. People can roam around here safely even in the night time which makes it a best place for party lovers and travelers. It is also famous because huge numbers of the international tourist visits in the state every year that comes here to relax and enjoy.

Attractions – there are many popular destinations and tourists’ spots present in the state like religious temples, forts and castles, churches, beaches, monuments, cultural spots and landmarks. The main attraction of this place are the beaches, some of them are very famous like the Anjuna, Baga, Calangute , Vegetor and Colva, which are full of life party, entertainment and music. The other attractions are like the Basilica de Bom Jesus, Fort Aguada, Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Chapora Fort, Dudhsagar Falls, and Naval Aviation Museum. Some famous tourists’ spots are like the Arambol beach, Baga beach, Tvoy Goa day tours, Viceroy’s Arch, St. Cajetan’s Church, and Shantadurga Temple. The popular cultural fests and carnival occurs here are like Goa carnival, Sunburn Festival, Christmas and New Year parties, and other regional fests.

Best hotels & restaurants – some of the best hotels and luxury resorts in Goa which make people’s stay comfortable and relaxing are like the Kenilworth beach resort & spa, Ginger Goa, Holiday Inn, Taj Exotica resort & spa, and Hyatt Palace Goa. People can also check out some authentic and delicious food in the state which can a fine dine restaurant, a beach shack or a café also. Some of the best restaurants and cafes are like the Black Sheep Bistro, Chef Shoumen’s Kitchen, A Reverie, Ryans Shack, Little World, and Chelsea Beach Shack.





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